Monday, December 28, 2009

Perfect Timing

Every once in a while you do better than good when it comes to giving the perfect gift; you hit a grand slam.

That's what happened in my family this Christmas. I gave a Janome AQS-2009 25th Anniversary sewing machine to my 20-year old nephew. I just had a feeling that this creative, artistic kid would take to it like a duck to water, and he did! I was counting on his interests in air brush painting (art), welding (using his hands) and cooking (following directions but with flexibility) to give him a "Try anything! Try everything!" approach, and boy-oh-boy, was I spot on.

I wrapped all the family gifts in fabric secured with straight pins and bundled the leftovers for a "starter stash." He was fondling fabric all day! (And the rest of the gang enjoyed the fabric, too.) I also gave him a craft organizer; a rotary cutting mat, cutter and ruler; neutral thread; and pins. Told him to buy his own scissors as these are highly personal tools people are fussy about.

We spent a couple of hours getting him acquainted with the machine, which is a nifty little gem, lightweight enough for classes and retreats, if he goes that route. He's got enough to get started playing around with the machine, making a sampler of stitches he likes and seeing what that baby can do.

He may never make a quilt or use the machine in typical ways - whatever those are - and that will be fine. He will have a blast using yet another set of tools and techniques to learn new skills to unleash even more creativity and imagination.

I may never again find as perfect a gift as this one, and that's OK; it really was the highlight of the holiday for me. I imagine all of us have some wonderful "first" memories related to quilting. Feel free to share those here!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Keeping Secrets and Great Gift Ideas

If this is the season for sharing, as noted in the most recent post, it's also a doozy for keeping secrets -- or trying to! Just as you can be thrilled to have finished a quilted gift and can't wait to see someone receive it, we are delighted about what's ahead for AQS book releases.

But I can't give the details!! Except to say that in January and February (and through the Spring) we will have wonderful new books available you are sure to love. And we're working now on books for next Fall. This is such an exciting time of year -- if you can stand the wait!

Throughout the year we are happy to receive book proposals (and American Quilter and The Quilt Life, respectively, are happy to receive article proposals). Look under the "Authors" tab at for proposal guidelines. If you have any questions, as always, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Now is absolutely the best time to give or request a book from AQS. Our list of titles contains a wonderful array from hand work and history to machine work and contemporary. AQS merchandise is perfect for showing off how you really feel about quilting. And what about giving someone a multi-day admission to an AQS show! Not sure what the quilter on your list would like? You can purchase a gift certificate in any amount online or by calling Karen at 1-800-626-5420.

Whatever you do, enjoy the sharing of the season, try to keep your secrets (!), and give a gift from AQS to a quilter you love.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sharing Season

No matter who you are or where you come from, it's hard not to celebrate something or other this time of year. For many of us, part of the festivities include making and sharing quilt-related gifts. Here at AQS we are lucky enough to see some of the best quilts in the world on a regular basis. You get to see them, too, if you come to one of our four shows (Lancaster, Paducah, Knoxville and Des Moines). We also love to see projects made from our books or American Quilter magazine. Perpetuate the season of giving by sharing photos of your work with us! Email good quality, high resolution jpeg files to along with a sentence or two about the quilt/project.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Patchwork, Gardens and Thanks!

Look what came in while we were having a great show in Des Moines! Kathleen Hulett's Patchwork 4 Ways is perfect for piecers. Using four blocks -- Star, Log Cabin, Stripe and Snow Goose -- she shows how to create one-, two-, three-, or four-block quilts. This book is perfect for beginners and classes and would be great inspiration for a round robin project. (AQS # 8027)

The designs in Garden Nouveau Quilts were inspired by the nature surrounding Vicky Lawrence's farmhouse, but she used her artistic flair to tweak them into elegant designs reminiscent of the Art Nouveau era. Appliquers will love the way these flowers can be changed and re-arranged. A special treat for experienced quilters is the miniature version of the Nouveau Fleur quilt, Little Vicky. (AQS # 8031)

Many of us are short on time but long on gratitude for the others in our lives. When you want to say thanks for a special occasion or good deed, use Small Quilts, Big Events from Julia LaBauve and Tammy Silvers. Their no-fuss piecing and fused applique patterns combine batiks and wool for a big impact with a minimal time investment in these 15" x 16" beauties. Show how you feel! Make someone a small quilt for a big event. (AQS # 8030)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Congratulations to The Quilt Patch

Congratulations to Leslie Pfeifer, owner of The Quilt Patch in Fairfax, VA, who won this beautiful raffle quilt displayed at the AQS Quilt Market booth.

Quilt: Seaworld Magic
The quilt blocks are from two AQS books:
Beyond the Block
by Linda K. Johnson & Jane K. Wells and Square Magic Quilts by Michele J. Linder. Pieced by Linda Baxter Lasco; quilted by Pam Heavrin.

Friday, October 23, 2009

International Quilt Market Update

Oh what fun we had at Quilt Market! This is the fall wholesale trade show where we get to show our new AQS publications to the retail shops...and see what is new for the coming season from fabric companies to notions. The colors are yummy and can't wait to make something fun with them.
That's me, Marge Boyle - Director of Sales, arriving the first day of the show and the booth looks great decorated with quilts from many of our books.

This is Jan Magee, the editor of The Quilt Life, with Meredith Schroeder the first day of the show. AQS was proud to introduce our new magazine with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson at Quilt Market. The Quilt Life is scheduled to premiere in April 2010 with six issues per year.

This is the morning of the first day of the show and shops were eager to see what was new.

Chrystal Abhalter, our copy editor, is busy taking an order. Chrystal can hardly wait to buy some of the fabric she saw at the show. She's already planning several projects.

Nadine Ruggules was on hand to show her Inchie Quilts and the shops loved them!

We were delighted to have Alex Anderson in our booth talking to the shops about the magazine.

Ricky Tims was also there during the show but I didn't have my camera time.

An advertiser in the American Quilter magazine stopped to see Gloria Bolden, our Advertising Manager. Her smile lights up the show.

Next week the whole gang will be in Des Moines! Come on over and check out the new products!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quilting in a Slow Economy

A recent article on Yahoo! Finance pointed out what most of us already know -- we're staying closer to home for fun and creativity these days. Quilting may have a reputation as being the original "make it with leftovers" art, craft and hobby, but here's something to consider: it's not a $3 billion business per year for nothing.

The fabric companies, especially, drive the rest of the quilt industry, so if you're quilting only from your stash, you might be putting the squeeze on your local quilt shops and online vendors during this recession.

To keep fresh ideas and products flowing among manufacturers and retailers, there has to be demand. If your budget allows, spend something -- anything -- on your quilting and make product and class requests. Your quilting needs have translated into some of the most astonishing developments since the mid-1970s, and now's not the time to quit!

Hope to see you all at the upcoming Des Moines show, shopping up a storm!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Step-by-step instructions for adding a sleeve:

1. Cut the sleeve 8½" wide x the exact width of your quilt. Fold the ends in twice (¼" and ¼" again) to finish each end of the sleeve. Stitch using a scant ¼" seam allowance. Press the long sides of the sleeve so they meet in the center. It helps to fold the sleeve in half lengthwise first and press to give you a center crease. When you press the sides to the center, you’ll press those creases out – they just give an easy guide without measuring or marking.

2. Fold right sides together and stitch ¼" seam on the long edge of the sleeve. Turn the sleeve right-side out.

3. You may need to repress the fold lines – you’ll need those for attaching the sleeve to your quilt. This is the step that provides the give needed in the sleeve.

4. Center the sleeve across the width of your quilt. The edge of the sleeve should lie just inside your binding on each side of the quilt. Using the fold, pin your sleeve in place ½" to ¾" from the top outside edge on the back of the quilt. This spacing is needed so the sleeve will not show after it is hung.

5. Pin the top of the sleeve along the fold and blindstitch in place. Use the opposite fold line to pin the bottom edge of the sleeve in place; blindstitch to the quilt. The sleeve will fit flat against the quilt from fold line to fold line; the rest of the sleeve will cup out giving enough play in the fabric to hold the hanging device (rod) without damaging the sleeve.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Congratulations AQS Authors - Houston Winners!

Congratulations to Paducah's own Caryl Bryer Fallert for winning Best of Show at the IQA 2009 show in Houston! She is shown above left with a corner of "On the Wings of a Dream," a self-portrait that garnered Caryl the $10,000 top prize, sponsored by Handi-Quilter.

In addition, Caryl won first place in the Digital Imagery Category sponsored by C&T Publishing for "Watch Master," a tribute to her father. Her book, Caryl Bryer Fallert: A Spectrum of Quilts 1983-1995, is out of print, but Fallert's Guide to Images on Fabric in the AQS Quilt Savvy series is still available (item# 6413). Way to go, Caryl!

Susan Stewart of Pittsburgh, Kansas, is pictured next to her mother, above right. Mom is calling the folks back home to announce that Susan and Gloria Meyer won 1st place in the Computer-aided Machine Embroidery category sponsored by Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design for "Gloria's Garden." Susan's book, Heirloom Machine Sewing for Quilters, came out in 2008 (item#7495). Congratulations, Susan!

Thanks to Chris Brown, editor of American Quilter for those on-the-scene photos from Houston.

Another AQS author who won at Houston was Sarah Ann Smith of Camden, Maine. Her Thread Work Unraveled just came out (#8029) and she taught a Schoolhouse session and signed books at the AQS booth during market. Her "Fields of Gold" took 2nd place in the Art-Miniature category sponsored by Quilting Arts magazine. We had this beautiful piece in our offices while we edited Sarah's book; now wonder it won an award!

Zena Thorpe's AQS book, Beautiful Alphabet Applique, is due out in January (#8148). It is based on her "Illuminated Alphabet", which won 3rd place in the Innovative Applique category sponsored by EZ Quilting by Simplicity Creative Group. This quilt is stunning and the workmanship impeccable; we never got over it while it was with us. Congratulations, Zena (who is from Chatsworth, California)!

Due out next Spring is 100 Sweet Treats by and for Quilters (#8156) by Ann Hazelwood of St. Charles, Missouri. Two of the contributors to her book were winners in Houston: Annette Hendricks of Grayslake, Illinois, won the Judge's Choice award from Sue Nickels -- also an AQS author -- for "Hide N Seek (Now where did that mousie go?)." This award was sponsored by Jackie's Animas Quilts. Annette's recipe is for Lemon Poppy Seed Cake. Sue's books include Stitched Raw Edge Applique (#6897), Machine Applique: A Sampler of Techniques (#5855) and Machine Quilting: A Primer of Techniques (#6299). Another 'Sweet Treats' winning contributor was Nancy Brown of Oakland, California. Her recipe is Mother's Cocoa Delight, which should pair perfectly with her 3rd place winning quilt, "Pup Art," in the Art-Whimsical category sponsored by Quiltmaker.

If we missed anyone, let us know! We are so excited for these AQS authors and contributors and all the winners at every quilt show. And we're grateful to the sponsors who make these awards possible.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Enjoy The Quilt Life!

AQS is delighted to announce a new magazine -- The Quilt Life -- with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson!!
Read all about this great new addition to the AQS line of services and products for today's quilter at!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall for These New Books!

Just in time for cooler weather and more time spent quilting are two new books from AQS.

Sarah Ann Smith has written a wonderful resource book on that most essential of quilting elements, thread. Not at all a dry, dusty treatise, this beautiful book is a great read with interesting projects to keep your thread knowledge at the top of the game. You may stand in awe in front of thread displays in the future, but it won't be because you don't know what you're looking at if you read Sarah's book, Threadwork Unraveled. AQS # 8029

If you love to piece you will love Donna Poster's book, Block Beauty. Much like quilters two, three or more generations back, Donna is happiest when she's working with a familiar shape but creating new designs with it. Each of five shapes - Rail Fence, X-Quisite, Texas Trellis, Peak and Drunkard's Path - is shown in four designs and seven possible quilt sizes with multiple border options. Talk about a resource book! Twenty quilts and "doodle corners" included so you can keep going with simple shapes that make fabulous quilts. AQS # 8023

Both books are available at or 1-800-626-5420.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Interview Delay

The interview scheduled with Kimberley Wulfert of has been cancelled for tonight. Atmospheric conditions, would you believe! We will re-schedule a time for you all to call in and talk with me about all things AQS and books. Until then, Andi Reynolds, executive book editor.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Quilt Care and Labels

Somewhere along my quilting journey I became interested in quilt care. If we want to preserve our quilts and prolong their lives, there are simple steps everyone can take. I've boiled best practices down to a manageable quilt label size and sew the following label to every bed-use quilt. As always, if you have something to add or suggest, please do! There is more to quilt care than these bare-bones instructions can cover and it's always good to know more.

Quilt Care

To air a quilt, lay it outside on the grass between two white sheets for a few hours. Don’t drape it over a fence or hang it from a line.

If dusty, put the quilt on the dryer’s gentle cycle with no heat for two or three minutes. No fabric softener. Dust is bad for fibers, so this is OK to do occasionally.

Ignore little stains; the treatment is usually worse for the quilt. Treat obvious stains with an oxygen-based spray cleaner. Spot treat and rinse if possible.

Machine wash the entire quilt only when airing, fluffing and spot treating are not enough. Wash it alone. Use cold water and the delicate cycle, a very small amount of unscented gentle detergent, and no fabric softener. Use an extra rinse only if very soiled. Choose the most gentle spin cycle.

The quilt is weakest and most subject to damage when wet, so remove it from the washer carefully; do not let it hang or pull on it. The wet quilt will be heavy, so use a carrying basket or have help. Dry it flat between two white sheets. Pat it flat; don’t pull or stretch. Fans speed the drying process.

When not in use, storing the quilt flat on a bed is best, face down to prevent even indirect light from fading the fabric. Close curtains, blinds or shades as much as practical when the quilt is in use.

If the quilt is stored folded, use acid-free paper to stuff the folds and keep the quilt in an acid-free box. Folding on the bias is best; it won’t be nice and neat but it’s better for the quilt. Re-fold differently every three months to prevent creasing. Replace acid-free materials after five years.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

This Monday, September 21, at 8 pm EST, quilt researcher and historian Kimberly Wulfert will interview me, Andi Reynolds, AQS executive book editor. Kimberly provides a format that includes a phone number so people can call in with questions. Very 21st century! Check her website between now and then for details including the number to call: and also because it is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in women, quilting, history and culture. I might talk about Carolina Roses, the quilt shown here. Sixteen years in the making, all by hand, it is an anniversary gift for my parents. Glad they stayed together while I was making it... The interview will stay active indefinitely, so you may access it when it's convenient.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Denim Dynamite!

Look what the Denim Divas, Laurie Malm and Cheri Meineke-Johnson have done!

They've taken two favorite projects from the 2008 AQS show in Des Moines, where they debuted the Dressed-up Denim fashion show, which was a blast!, and put them into this nifty 6-page project booklet.

Now you, too, can add bling and embroidery to glamorize your denim and look like a diva. And if you can't get enough denim in your life, join Laurie and Cheri in Des Moines at the AQS show this October 28 - 31. They will have another Denim Divas Fashion Show on Thursday, the 29th! If you can't wait until then, order their Dressed-Up Denim project booklet from AQS online, item # 8135, or call toll-free, 800-626-5420.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Show Us Your Stuff!

Fairly often we receive nice notes or letters from quilters who have made one or more projects from our books. How much fun it would be to share these, especially the occasional photos we receive!

If you've made a quilt or project from an AQS book, think about sending it to us so we can post it on this blog. It might also end up on our Facebook page and in our coming-soon e-letter! A jpeg with a resolution of 300 for an image 3" x 4" would be great.

Email the evidence of your creativity to, and thanks for sharing!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Paducah 2010 is On!

Here's the latest news about the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah...

Press Release

American Quilter’s Society
Finalizes Plans for Paducah Quilt Show

Contact: Bonnie Browning, 270-898-7903, ext. 146

Paducah, Kentucky – September 4, 2009: The American Quilter’s Society announced that contracts have been finalized with hotels and convention facilities for the 26th Annual AQS Quilt Show & Contest in Paducah, to be held April 21 – 24, 2010. The Executive Inn attached to the convention center is now closed and will not be available during the April show.

The quilt show will be held at the Paducah Expo Center, the Julian Carroll Convention Center, and the new AQS Pavilion which will be located in the parking lot of the convention facilities. Quilt show admission will give access to viewing quilts and shopping the merchant malls in all three locations. Additional vendors and the AQS “Hurt” Book Sale will be held at the AQS Vendors on Kentucky in the Finkel Building (200 Kentucky Avenue in downtown Paducah). Special events will be held in the Carson Four Rivers Center (100 Kentucky Avenue).

The 2010 AQS Quilt Contest will award $125,000 in cash awards to quilters. Contest rules are available on the AQS Web site, The registration guide will be available in early November. To order a printed registration guide, send $2.00 for each guide to: AQS, Attn: (name of show) Registration Guide, PO Box 3290, Paducah, KY 42002-3290.

For lodging, please contact the Paducah Visitors Bureau at, or 1-800-PADUCAH. The AQS Home Bed & Breakfast program will be coordinated by the Visitors Bureau, starting February 1, 2010.

Tour groups can contact Marcelle Cashon or Laura Davis for information on admission and ticket sales for the AQS Quilt Show & Contest by calling 270-898-7903.

In addition to the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, AQS will produce three other international quilt shows in 2010: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, March 24 – 27; Knoxville, Tennessee, July 14 – 17; and Des Moines, Iowa, October 6 – 9.

The AQS quilting community grows again! Quilters can now become fans of AQS on Facebook, and follow AQS on Twitter. Quilting information is also always available on the AQS Web site and the AQS Blogs (AQS Quilt News, AQS Publishing, and American Quilter Magazine).


Congratulations Sue and Pat!

AQS authors Pat Holly and Sue Nickels have won a major prize for their Tea at Tenby quilt. Exhibited at the Festival of Quilts Show in Birmingham, England, this beauty won First Place in the Group Quilts category. (Photo courtesy of the Festivals web site: )

These sisters teamed up to co-author Stitched Raw Edge Applique (AQS #6897), and Sue wrote Machine Applique: A Sampler of Techniques (out of print) and Machine Quilting: A Primer of Techniques (AQS #6299).

We are delighted to have these talented, creative quilters as authors and teachers. Congratulations, Pat and Sue!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

We are updating our web site and plan to add a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter very soon. Current authors and soon-to-be authors (under contract) are invited to email whatever is latest and greatest about your quiltmaking career to appear in the newsletter.

Have you won a teaching award? Landed a great lecture gig? Had your work accepted in an exhibit or gallery? Revamped your web site? Have a book signing or TV stint planned? Let me know and we'll help you promote yourself by putting your news in our newsletter.

Send your tidbits to And congratulations on whatever nifty something has happened!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lancaster or Bust!

AQS is delighted to announce our new show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Join us there next March 24 - 27 in a great facility in a wonderful tourism area.

The Quilter's Heritage Show is no more, and we really wanted to continue the support and enthusiasm for quilting longstanding in Lancaster, so we'll be there with bells on!

Plans for the Paducah 2010 show are pending while space issues are being resolved.

But there will be AQS in Lancaster! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More on Shipping Quilts: Insurance and Appraisals

Getting Your Quilts Appraised: Why Insuring Your Quilt During Shipment May Not Be Enough

(See the first blog post about shipping in the June 2009 archives)

If you are concerned about protecting the value of your quilts, have them appraised, and use a fine arts rider on your home owner's insurance rather than buying the shipper's insurance. If you can’t use your home owner’s insurance, shipping insurance is fine as long as you have an appraisal.

The reason for this is simple. Major carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.) will gladly allow you to place any value on your shipment and charge you accordingly. However, if your shipment becomes damaged or is lost, things get a little complicated.

Example: Jane Doe ships her quilt across four states using one of the major carriers. Somewhere in transit the package suddenly falls off the map. Tracking shows it got half-way there and then nothing has happened for several days. Jane promptly contacts the carrier and has a trace placed on the shipment. The carrier calls in a few days and says the package has been determined to be lost or stolen.

Jane then begins the process of making a claim on the package. The carrier’s first question will be whether the package was insured. Jane breathes a sigh of relief because she had conscientiously placed an insurance value of $2,000 on the package. The carrier then asks Jane if she had an appraisal on the item. Jane responds that she did not. The carrier then tells her that they will only refund her the cost of the materials used to make the quilt. Her time, artistic ability, past quality of work, etc., are all inconsequential without the written appraisal.

This is why insurance may not be enough, and it is very important to have a certified appraiser do an appraisal of your quilt. What you will pay for an appraisal is a relatively small amount of money to protect your art.

For more information about appraisals, go to

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Next Quilting Generation Has Their Own Book!

Anita Shackelford and her daughter, Jennifer Perdue, have written a charming book called Teens N Tweens; Quilting Fun with Family and Friends.

The home dec, fashion accessories and quilt projects were designed mostly by Anita and Jen but were made by kids ages 4 (4!) to 17. Absolutely adorable, fresh and fun, these projects can be made by non-sewers with adult guidance as well as kids who know their way (a little bit) around a sewing machine.

The instructions are super-easy to follow, and most projects can easily be made in one or two days. How much fun to make a three-pocket pouch, a DVD carrier, a laptop cover, a ruched table skirt, a BFF pillow or a message board! And what about making a stylin' poncho, a wall hanging or even an appliqued or pieced bed quilt!

If you have kids or grandkids and want to share your love of sewing and quilting with them, this is THE book to have. Make one of these projects or take inspiration from their ideas and fly with your own! Ask for item #8026 at 1-800-626-5420 or order from our website: .

Monday, August 10, 2009

Send in the Clowns!

Clowns on Parade by Cathy Wiggins has just arrived-- what a bright, cheery book!

It's a natural for clown lovers and collectors, and the machine applique and embellishment instruction is great for quilters of any skill level.

In addition to a large, bed-size quilt, Cathy includes ways to put clowns on a generous tote bag and a clever growth chart. Want more clowns? Make either the small or the large floor pillows shaped like clowns doing handstands!

You might have seen this happy quilt hanging in a regional or national quilt show. Now you can have clowns parading through your own home! AQS item # 8028 on our web site,, or call 1-800-626-5420.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Knoxville - Great City, Great Show!

We hosted our first AQS Quilt Expo in Knoxville July 22-25 in the great city of Knoxville. The citizens outdid themselves with friendliness and hospitality. They even had a business-window-dressing-with-quilts contest while we were there!

The Knoxville Convention Center is a wonderful facility, the concession food was *good* (!) and the nearby hotels very nice. Oh yes -- the quilts were magnificent and there were enough vendors to melt anyone's plastic. The teachers, lecturers and special events were all first class. It's unusual for a show to go off without a hitch, especially a new show in a new town and venue, but ours did, and everyone involved had a fun time. We're looking forward to three more years, at least, in East Tennessee.

We actively try to meet potential authors at our shows and talk about new book ideas. I give a lecture on what it is like to publish with AQS, which people say is informative and helpful. Join us in Des Moines for "Putting Pen to Paper: Publishing with AQS." The Des Moines registration guide is available online at

Some very creative people discussed some excellent ideas in Knoxville. If you weren't there and think you might want to write a book with AQS, look for our book proposal guidelines under the "Authors" tab on our home page. Send completed proposals with two or three finished, representative projects to: Andi Reynolds, Executive Book Editor, AQS, 5801 Kentucky Dam Road, Paducah, KY 42003 (270-898-7903).

We look forward to seeing what you're creating!

Put Some Magic in Your Quilts!

Hot off the press, we are proud to announce the arrival of Michelle Linder's book, Square Magic!

Michelle has devised an ingenious way to transform a plain square into hundreds of different blocks. Simple straight piecing and clever color use transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

Even better, she explains how to perform her magic with 3", 2" and 1" squares so you can work with a size you like.

As a bonus, after you trim to get the block you're going for, you've automatically created a miniature version of the same block!

Seeing is believing how amazingly simple but effective her technique is. And the 12 projects in Square Magic offer lots of placement and color options, border choices and more. Try it for yourself and you'll become addicted to using Michelle's method in all of your pieced quilts because it's -- magic!

AQS item # 8024 on our website, or 1-800-626-5420.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Get Stylin' with Ease!

Look what just arrived! Fran Morgan's latest AQS book is Stylish Sweatjackets. Fran leads the design work at Fabric Cafe ( and is well known for her fresh, happy look. She's done it again here as she shows how to take off-the-rack sweatshirts and turn them into custom-fitted jackets suitable for any occasion. This book is geared to sewers of any age and experience and would be a great mother/daughter effort: first, you shop, then you sew! The techniques are straightforward and can be mixed and matched to meet your own personal style. Enjoy looking great on a budget and staying warm to boot. AQS item # 8025 on the website: or 1-800-626-5420.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't Miss Out!

AQS's first show in Knoxville, Tennessee will be fantastic. Along with amazing quilts, excellent teachers and exciting vendors, there is the beauty of Knoxville and all that city has to offer, show specials, and opportunities to meet the individuals who make the quilt world so special -- including some of our authors!

Come meet Pam Clarke, Pepper Cory, Margie Engel, Rita Fishel, Klaudeen Hansen, Sandy Hart & Gudny Campbell, Deb Karasik, Rami Kim, Ann Lainhart, Laura Patrick & Ed Ditto, Marsha Radtke, Sharon Sebrow, Lynda Smith, Helen Squire and Alice Wilhoit.

See the blog for June 10, 2009 for the book titles, or search our website: Autographed books increase in value and they're just special, so treat yourself at the AQS Book Fair, Thursday, July 23, 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm outside the Lecture Hall (and just before a special evening with Eleanor Burns!).

And if you think you might want to become an author yourself, there's a lecture just for you: Writing a Quilt Book: The Reality Show, Thursday, July 23, from 4 to 5 pm.

See you in Knoxville! Let's make quilt history!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

AQS Author is HMQS Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Pam Clarke, author of Quilting Inside the Lines: Machine & Frame Quilting! She has been named the 2009 Teacher of the Year by the Home Machine Quilting Show. Pam was honored for the marvelous level of professionalism, talent, and expertise she has offered her students.

Pam is a dynamo in the quilting world Рin her professional longarm quilting business she has quilted over 7,000 quilts! A quilter since 1970, and a longarm quilter since 1988, she continues to teach machine quilting, piecing, and appliqu̩ classes at venues and shows across the country.

Pam is teaching at the AQS Quilt Expo in Knoxville, TN, July 22-25. To sign up for a class call AQS at 270-898-7903.

Margie Engel, also an AQS author, won the PQA Teacher of the Year Award! Her post is dated March 25, 2009. Congratulations to both!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Shipping News

This box was not only ripped front and back, it was open when it arrived. The plastic shopping bags loosely wrapped around the quilt had come apart, leaving the quilt exposed and vulnerable to theft and damage.

Sending quilts to shows or publishers can be scary, for the quilter and the recipient. The horror stories you may have heard about quilts being lost, stolen or damaged are most likely true. This is one time when overdoing the safety angle makes excellent sense. We've written up the best practices in shipping quilts, so our authors and contestants can rest assured their treasures arrive at AQS safely. If you have additional suggestions, we'd love to hear them and will pass them on.

AQS Shipping Information

We know how much your quilts mean to you, so we’ve compiled this checklist of best practices when sending us (or anyone) your quilts.

Mail or ship them to:

(the contact name you were given on your entry form or email)
5801 Kentucky Dam Road
Paducah, KY 42003
(270) 898-7903

Email a tracking number as soon as you have it and let us know when we should expect your quilts to:

If you don't take any other measure suggested here, at least sew a label with, at a minimum, your name, the quilt’s name, and your address and phone number onto each quilt.

For quilts larger than 30” x 30”, sew a 4-inch sleeve across the back at the top. Be sure the sleeve is set down far enough not to show above the quilt when hung.

Enclose each quilt in some sort of plastic bag that you can close or tape shut to prevent water damage should the box rip or tear. Ziploc makes large-quilt size bags. Do not use anything that might be mistaken for a trash bag!

Include a color photo of the quilt in the bag with your name and contact information and why you're sending the quilt to us - the name of your proposal, book or magazine article or the contest or event you're entering.

Enclose a packing list with the box that includes your name and contact information and a list of the quilts in the box. Do not include any indications of your quilts’ values.

If you are concerned about insuring your quilts, have them appraised, and use a fine arts rider on your home owner's insurance rather than buying the shipper's insurance.

Do not pack your quilts too tightly. We have to use a sharp blade to open most boxes and the danger of damaging a quilt stuffed into a container is real. Consider adding a layer of cardboard on top of the bagged quilts as a safety barrier.

Do not indicate anywhere on the outside of the box that it includes quilts. Do not use the word “quilt” anywhere inside or outside, including the shipping label. Use “AQS,“ not “American Quilter’s Society.”

Send your quilts early in the week so they do not sit around a warehouse or loading dock over the weekend, or send them overnight so they arrive here by 2:00 pm CST on a Friday.

If you are sending multiple quilts or multiple boxes of quilts, consider packing them either one quilt to a box and sending them on subsequent days, or put two or three quilts in a box and send the several boxes on subsequent days. This prevents having all of your quilts on the one truck that gets into an accident or burns down in a warehouse fire.

If this seems like overkill, it isn’t. The condition in which many boxes reach us is terrible, and quilts have been known to get wet, become damaged or disappear in transit.

See additional good information about shipping sent in by Pat from Montana in the comments section. Thanks, Pat!

We hope you will take these precautions and we look forward to seeing your quilts.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Calling All Groupies!

If you're a quilter, you've got books, and if you've got books, you probably have a few favorite authors. You can meet your faves during the Book Fair at any AQS show, collect autographs and buy the latest, greatest AQS publications. Here's the author line-up for the AQS Knoxville Quilt Expo July 22-25:

Pepper Cory, Pepper Cory's Quilting Pattern Collection
Margie Engel, Bodacious Applique a la Carte
Rita Fishel, Mystery Quilts
Klaudeen Hansen, Quilt Art Engagement Calendar 2010
Sandy Hart & Gudny Campbell, Piecing with Pixels
Deb Karasik, Quilts with Attitude
Rami Kim, Quilted Elegance
Ann S. Lainhart, Fussy Cut Mariner's Compass
Laura Patrick, Heart for a Hero
Marsha D. Radtke, A Baltimore Album
Florence Riesen, Heirloom Quilted Nursery
Sharon Sebrow, Kaleidoscope the Smart Way
Lynda Smith, Quilt This!
Helen Squire, Quilting UFOs
Alice Wilhoit, Crazy Patchwork

See you in Tennessee!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Being an Author with AQS

Thankfully, there is more than one correct way to make a quilt and to write the how-to instructions. This has given rise to several major quilt book publishers, and AQS is proud to be among the leaders.

If you're considering authoring a quilt book, this is what you can expect from AQS:
  • Clear, succinct proposal and manuscript guidelines
  • A fast consideration of your proposal
  • Transparency in the publication process
  • Generous contract terms
  • A close working relationship with editorial staff and individual attention
  • Retention of your author's voice; no cookie-cutter books here
  • Regular contact and communication, from concept through post-publication
  • Offers to teach at AQS shows once you're published
  • The opportunity to tape online classes that provide college credit for students
  • Expansive marketing and advertising efforts and assistance, wholesale and retail
  • Friendly support and advice every step of the way
We offer a lecture at every AQS show that details what it is like to be published by us. If you're considering writing a how-to quilt book, treat yourself to the facts and join us in Knoxville, July 22-25, for "Writing a Quilt Book: The Reality Show," or Des Moines, October 28-31, for "Putting Pen to Paper: Publishing with AQS." Our proposal guidelines are posted under the "Authors" tab at And you may always contact us at 270-898-7903 or There are a lot of talented, creative quilters out there! We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Baa-aack!

Anita Shackelford's very popular book on feather quilting patterns, Infinite Feathers, is back. AQS has reprinted her book due to popular demand. That, and the fact that it's still one of the best how-to-feather-quilt books around. Whether you quilt by hand or machine (of any kind), treat yourself to a wonderful resource by calling 1-800-626-5420. Ask for item # 6072. Also available on CD -- item # 6521.

Inchie Quilts Are in the House!

What started as a "just between friends" trading card-like pasttime has been turned into a hot new quilting trend. Leading the way is AQS author Nadine Ruggles with her book, Inchie Quilts.

Inchie quilts really are just that - tiny, one-inch square quilts. They are adorable, addictive, and oh-so-fun to embellish! You can make inchies the star of the quilt or use them as accents. They are equally at home on traditional, contemporary and art quilts.

And because Nadine explains how to attach the inchies in a semi-permanent way, you can move them around! She even gives you an Inchies Chess quilt pattern!

You will have hours of fun creating inchies and hours more thinking of creative ways to use them. Enjoy!

Call 1-800-626-5420 to order. Ask for item # 8021.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quilt Market Update

Just back from the Spring 2009 Quilt Market trade show only two days and my feet have finally recovered! Wearing sensible shoes is a must to stand on cement with a layer of carpet and walk several miles. So much to see and so little time. Everyday we met many charming retail shops and our major distributors. Our schoolhouses were a huge success with the shops eager to plan classes from all the ideas that the authors provided.

Walking around the show I saw so many exciting new fabrics — jewel tones, bright fun florals, and the cutest animal focus prints everywhere. I loved two of the new notions from Simplicity that will make sewing easier for quilters. My favorite was the electric rotary cutter that cuts strips that can be used for piecing, bias tape and binding. The bias tape maker was so cool, it makes 12’ in 60 seconds! It folds and presses different sizes in one step. Simplicity also has a new Jelly Roll ruler from Kimberly Einmo. Shhhh! She happens to be working on a new book using the ruler for next year. A new quilting glove that was at market for the first time from GrabARoos is great for free-motion quilting. They have PVC dots on the finger tips and when they wear out you turn them over and there are dots there for more sewing! And they come in purple, a favorite color of mine.

The city of Pittsburgh was so welcoming, with friendly people everywhere we went. They were not only excited about the quilters in town — shuttling them around in Trolleys — but they also were the host for five baseball games and the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs. We went by the hockey arena after setting up the booth to see the many fans watching the game on big screens outside and celebrating their victory. Every evening we could see the baseball stadium across the river from the hotel room, and I think I could smell the hot dogs and peanuts, or maybe it was wishful thinking.

Thanks to all the shops that stopped by our booth to share with us what quilting projects they were working on and which AQS books they have in their stores.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Market 2009

Spring Market 2009 is history. It was the usual colorful, lively, interesting mix of companies, businesses and individuals in the quilt industry. While attendance seemed down, most vendors said they had a good show, which is welcome news for anyone interested in quilting. AQS is certainly pleased with the number of book ideas that came our way. The citizens of Pittsburgh were super friendly, and we could see the Pirates play from the hotel!

We were delighted to have three authors teach during Schoolhouse: Karen Gibbs, whose Bits of Bargello was so hot off the press, she saw it for the first time when her session began!; Terry White, who demonstrated three of the techniques from All Beaded Up by Machine; and Alice Wilhoit, whose Crazy Patchwork projects had the audience oohing and aahing like - well, like crazy! You can learn more about these three new titles on our website's "Buy Books" page and order them by calling 800-626-5420.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What a Show!

There aren't enough "wows!" to describe the 25th Anniversary Celebration in Paducah last week. From the incredible Best of Show quilt by Mariya Waters of Melbourne, Australia to the excellent entertainment by Ricky Tims, Eleanor Burns, Nancy Zieman and Helen Squire and the hundreds of vendors offering amazing fabrics and helpful tools, it was a fabulous week. Another special event was the Book Fair; 17 authors were on hand to sign their books, and a fun time was had by all.

An AQS show is always a good time to discuss potential book projects, so plan now to bring your ideas and proposals to Knoxville, July 22 - 25 or Des Moines, October 28-31. Of course you can send a completed proposal and one or two representative completed quilts to AQS any time: Attention, Andi Reynolds, Executive Book Editor, 5801 Kentucky Dam Road, Paducah, KY 42003. We look forward to reviewing your fresh, creative approach to quilting today!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Collectible Books

The annual AQS Catalogue of Show Quilts is here! Whether you attend the 2009 25th anniversary show in Paducah or not, this highly collectible book showcases all of this year's entires in a beautifully formatted presentation. The quilts are shown by contest category with the entry number, quilt title, quilt size, maker's name and maker's location. True keepsakes, these books document the trend in today's quilting world. AQS item #7931.

Another gem of a book is Collection of The National Quilt Museum. Dedicated to the founders of the American Quilter's Society, Bill and Meredith Schroeder, it summarizes the history of the quilt collection that is the nucleus of the museum. Each quilt is shown with a statement from the artist or a summation of their work, to give the reader insight into how these beautiful works of art came to be. Although some of the museum's collection quilts are always on display and rotated, this book is the definitive catalogue and a real photo essay on how quilting has evolved since the early 1980s. A limited print run makes this a book to buy quickly and keep for posterity. AQS item #7933.

Old and New

AQS's two most recent books span quilting's timeline in America from the very old to the latest rage.

A Baltimore Album: 25 Applique Patterns by Marsha D. Radtke came about serendipitously. Marsha discovered a Baltimore Album quilt in the attic of the rural Maryland parsonage she shared with her husband. On close examination, she realized there were two inked names on the quilt, and they were locally common names. A certified quilt appraiser dated the quilt as circa 1850! This means Marsha found a truly original Baltimore Album quilt in the area this style was created and made popular.

When the old beauty began to deteriorate, she decided to replicate the quilt. Both new and old quilts are shown in the book. The original had 25 blocks, one of which was a duplicate pattern. The color palette is red, green, and gold -- typical of the era. Just as the work on the original was very fine, so is Marsha's rendition.

Baltimore Album and applique lovers will want this book as a library of genuine, dated patterns created near the source of this ever-popular applique style. Ask for AQS item #7927 and enjoy creating a piece of history yourself!

And as time has gone by, quilters now create masterpieces using machines. To help your quilts stand out anywhere, Nan Moore wrote Machine Freehand Patterns. Every one of the 95 pages has one or more machine patterns drawn freehand. You can follow these exactly, shrink them or enlarge them, alter them or use them as inspiration to create your own freehand quilting designs.

Nan provides a very basic guide to using continuous motion patterns - it's almost entirely visual, so if you've wanted to try machine quilting, this could be the very book you're looking for. Her book is AQS item #8022.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Crazy Beautiful!

Author Alice Wilhoit has brought crazy quilting into the 21st century with our latest book, Crazy Patchwork. She uses batiks to create the foundation blocks, and this makes all the difference!

Forget the dark, heavy look of Victorian crazy quilts; Alice shows you how to create fresh, fun, fabulous quilts, pillows, a fireplace mantle scarf that is to die for, and the perfect gift -- a framed quilt picture.

Her stitching instructions are super easy to follow, and the best part of the book is that she gives you 12 completely different blocks based on the flowers and gem stones associated with birth months. If you're a "findings" collector -- trinket, buttons, laces, trims, broken or mismatched jewelry -- this book is for you.

Alice and her students show you how unique your quilt can be; check out the gallery of their quilts, all made in the same class, and see how different they are. If you already love crazy quilts, you'll love this book's updated look. If you've never tried crazy quilting, this book could be the start of true love affair! Order it at 1-800-626-5420, item # 7926.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AQS Author is Professional Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Margie Engel, author of Bodacious Applique a la Carte (AQS 2008)! She has been named the 2009 Professional Teacher of the Year by Professional Quilter Magazine.

Margie has been teaching, especially in Florida, on cruises, and at retreats, for years. She is especially known for her work encouraging children to learn to quilt through the all-volunteer organization she founded, EduQuilt.

Her enthusiasm is infectious, her ability to make color and design easy to comprehend is amazing, and she's a kind, caring soul. If you can't meet her in person in class at an upcoming AQS show, you can get to know her through her wildly colorful, happy book (item #7769 - 800-626-5420).

July 5, 2009: Breaking news: Pam Clarke, also an AQS author, won the HMQS Teacher of the Year Award! Congratulations, Pam! See the post about her at the July 2 post.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Beautiful Baby Bibs and More!

Just in time for Spring, Florence Riesen's Heirloom Quilted Nursery is here! Using simple patterns for bibs, bonnets, gowns and quilts, Florence shows you how to completely decorate a nursery and the newest member of your family with heirloom quality machine quilting. Achieve stunning results quickly and easily using her original designs, motifs and alphabets. Although they look precious, these made-to-be-used items can be laundered, and will certainly be beautiful on display, whether on a pretty baby or in a pretty room.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Read This!

AQS is delighted to announce the release of Deb Karasik's second book, Quilts with Attitude. If you know Deb as a Quilt Maven, you've got the right author. Her work is bold, flamboyant, precise and unmistakable. Use the paper foundation patterns for 13 projects on the included CD to create your own masterpieces in no time flat, or take Deb's approach and endow it with your own attitude. Ask for her book by name or item number 7773 when you call 1-800-626-5420 to order it. Her very singular voice rings out from every page and should make you smile, as the quilts you create from her book will.

Terrific Trio

Just in time for Spring, AQS is releasing a trio of bright, fresh quilting books. Enjoy!

Quilted Elegance is the second AQS book from award-winning designer Rami Kim. (Her first was Folded Fabric Elegance.) She makes finely sewn, beautifully detailed quilted garments exceptionally elegant and easy to create. Even better, every jacket, vest, pillow and wallhanging is reversible! She even presents matching purses. If dressing in style is your style, use the pattern CD in Rami's book to dress yourself in silk or denim with quilted elegance.

It never fails: Kaleidoscope quilts always have a WOW! factor, but people shy away from making these beauties because they think they're difficult. Fear no more! Author Sharon Sebrow has developed a sure-fire technique with a clever template to make planning and piecing kaleidoscope quilts a breeze. In Kaleidoscope the Smart Way, she also presents different sizes of patterns so you can go large (fast and easy) or larger (faster and easier).

Every year The National Quilt Museum (formerly Museum of the American Quilter's Society, or MAQS) holds the "New Quilts from an Old Favorite Contest," and AQS publishes a book of the winning entries. For 2008, the contest block was Burgoyne Surrounded, and you won't believe how varied the winners' interpretations were. Each winning quilt is presented alongside information about the quilter, her inspiration, and the technique(s) used. Find your own inspiration for developing original designs from traditional blocks in Burgoyne Surrounded: New Quilts from an Old Favorite, edited by AQS senior editor Linda Baxter Lasco. Even better, check out the fourteen preceeding books -- just ask for "New Quilts from an Old Favorite."

To order directly from AQS, call 1-800-626-5420. Item numbers for these books are:
Quilted Elegance, 7925; Kaleidoscope the Smart Way, 7924; Burgoyne Surrounded: New Quilts from an Old Favorite, 7928.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Have Something to Say?

Did you know you can write a review of any AQS book and post it on our web site ( It's true! Simply log on, go to that book's detail page, and click on "Write a Review." Reviews are a fun way to connect with other quilters and helpful when someone is looking for that certain book. Let your writer's muse escape and join the fun!

Monday, February 16, 2009

From Across the Atlantic

AQS is delighted to announce delivery of Quilt the Beloved Country by Jenny Williamson and Pat Parker. These South African sisters co-authored Quilt Africa in 2004, and we were privileged to be the North American distributor for that title, also.

Their quilting style is distinctive and their fabric and color choices are unusual to us Yanks, but their quilts are fun, fresh and deeply reflective of their home country. Wild Dog Press, their publisher, has produced a beautiful book with stunning photographs of the land and people that inspire the sisters' 13 pieced and appliqued original designs, including a few dolls.

If you like to travel vicariously, if you're interested in other cultures, and if appreciating new looks in quilting revs your creativity engine, Quilt the Beloved Country is a book you will enjoy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Things Come in Threes

We are pleased to announce the release of three new books from AQS Publishing:

Piecing with Pixels by Sandra Hart and Gudny Campbell; Hearts & Tulips by Margaret Docherty; and Fussy-cut Mariner's Compass by Ann S. Lainhart.

It's no secret that there is a happy marriage between photos and quilts, and between computers and quilts. Sandy and Gudny have combined their passion for all three and their years of experience teaching into an excellent reference book that includes nine great projects. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements software, they show how you can take a favorite photo and transform it into beautiful fabric to incorporate into a quilt. Piecing with Pixels is not printing photos on fabric; it's sophisticated design work simplified and explained. This is a must-have book for quilters on the cutting edge.

Margaret Docherty has added a third Applique Masterpiece series book to her body of work. Like Little Brown Bird and Birds 'n Roses, Hearts & Tulips is a pattern book for a single, exquisite quilt, or a resource for the 42 patterns for any elegant project calling for applique. As always, Margaret's directions are easy to follow and her fabric and color use is extraordinary and instructive. Applique fans, whether beginners or experienced, will love Hearts & Tulips.

If you've admired Mariner's Compass quilts and you love the elegant look of fussy-cutting fabrics to achieve stunning designs, Ann S. Lainhart has read your mind. Her straightforward method for drafting your own Mariner's Compass blocks will put you at ease creating super sharp points. Use her 12-inch, 18-inch or 30-inch instructions or templates to create wallhangings, framed "pictures," or quilts. Ann's tips for choosing the right fabrics for fussy-cutting and calculating yardage will work equally well in any project. Fussy-cut Mariner's Compass is a marvelous book for beginners wanting to spread their wings and experienced quilters alike.

All three of these books are now available at or 1-800-626-5420.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An AQS First! Fiction!

Heart for a Hero has just come in and we're excited to welcome our first venture into fiction! Authors Ed Ditto and Laura D. Patrick collaborated as only cousins can about the deeply personal topic of post-partum depression. Set in Chattanooga and with a "lost" and then "found" quilt as a prominent character, this book explores what heroes go through in a war zone like Korea and on other fronts. If you're part of the quilting community you will recognize the care and support from quilters woven throughout the authors' first published novel. We hope you enjoy this very different book from AQS and will let us know what you think!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice Storm Update

It's being called the Winter Storm of 2009, but for old timers in Western Kentucky, that's an understatement about last week's devastating ice storm.

Like most businesses in the Paducah area, AQS was without power, phone and cable most of the week of January 27. Today is Groundhog Day (P. Phil saw his shadow) and we're back in the business of publishing the best quilt books around.

If you've tried to reach us, please try again! We're always happy to hear from you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Than One Hat

Congratulations to AQS author Karen Combs on her just-announced fabric designing partnership with Avlyn, Inc. It's exciting and inspiring when creative people use their talents in multiple ways, as Karen has done for many years. Check out her wonderful vision and skills in her books at or 1-800-626-5420 in these titles:

Combing Through Your Scraps CD-ROM (7480)
Celtic Pieced Illusions (7014)
3 Quilters Celebrate the 4 Seasons (6408)
Floral Illusions for Quilters (6213)
Optical Illusions for Quilters (4831)

(Note: Combing Through Your Scraps (5759) is out of print but the CD listed above is available.)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Teacher of the Year Nominee

Congratulations to AQS author Margie Engel! She's been nominated for Professional Teacher's magazine's Teacher of the Year 2009 honors! Margie's 2008 book, Bodacious Applique a la Carte, is a colorful feast for the eye and full of great tips for using fusibles in applique. She's been teaching adults and kids for many years and is perennially popular in her home state of Florida (where she'd rather stay inside and sew than walk on the beach just outside her door). If her classes are half as informative as her book, this is a well-deserved nomination.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Want to Write a Quilt Book?

If you've been thinking about writing a quilt book (or your friends, family, the cat, etc., have been bugging you to do it), come to the "So You Think You Want to Write a Quilt Book?" lecture at the 2009 Paducah show. On Wednesday, April 22, from 9 to 10 am, the AQS Executive Book Editor will talk about what's involved generally, and answer specific questions. If you have an idea in mind to discuss and the lecture isn't the right place (or you're shy about bringing up your idea in public), you can make an appointment to talk to her privately during the show.

If you're the "always prepared" type, check out the book proposal guidelines on our web site ( and bring your completed proposal with you. She will take it back to the office and put it into the review cycle. Note: We're now asking for one or two completed projects to accompany proposals, so there might be a touch of show and tell at this lecture. Oh joy! Hope to see you there!