Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quilting in a Slow Economy

A recent article on Yahoo! Finance pointed out what most of us already know -- we're staying closer to home for fun and creativity these days. Quilting may have a reputation as being the original "make it with leftovers" art, craft and hobby, but here's something to consider: it's not a $3 billion business per year for nothing.

The fabric companies, especially, drive the rest of the quilt industry, so if you're quilting only from your stash, you might be putting the squeeze on your local quilt shops and online vendors during this recession.

To keep fresh ideas and products flowing among manufacturers and retailers, there has to be demand. If your budget allows, spend something -- anything -- on your quilting and make product and class requests. Your quilting needs have translated into some of the most astonishing developments since the mid-1970s, and now's not the time to quit!

Hope to see you all at the upcoming Des Moines show, shopping up a storm!

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OHSue said...

OK, thanks for letting me know, not only am I having fun quilting and adding to my stash.... But I might be saving the American Economy!