Monday, August 24, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

We are updating our web site and plan to add a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter very soon. Current authors and soon-to-be authors (under contract) are invited to email whatever is latest and greatest about your quiltmaking career to appear in the newsletter.

Have you won a teaching award? Landed a great lecture gig? Had your work accepted in an exhibit or gallery? Revamped your web site? Have a book signing or TV stint planned? Let me know and we'll help you promote yourself by putting your news in our newsletter.

Send your tidbits to And congratulations on whatever nifty something has happened!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lancaster or Bust!

AQS is delighted to announce our new show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Join us there next March 24 - 27 in a great facility in a wonderful tourism area.

The Quilter's Heritage Show is no more, and we really wanted to continue the support and enthusiasm for quilting longstanding in Lancaster, so we'll be there with bells on!

Plans for the Paducah 2010 show are pending while space issues are being resolved.

But there will be AQS in Lancaster! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More on Shipping Quilts: Insurance and Appraisals

Getting Your Quilts Appraised: Why Insuring Your Quilt During Shipment May Not Be Enough

(See the first blog post about shipping in the June 2009 archives)

If you are concerned about protecting the value of your quilts, have them appraised, and use a fine arts rider on your home owner's insurance rather than buying the shipper's insurance. If you can’t use your home owner’s insurance, shipping insurance is fine as long as you have an appraisal.

The reason for this is simple. Major carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.) will gladly allow you to place any value on your shipment and charge you accordingly. However, if your shipment becomes damaged or is lost, things get a little complicated.

Example: Jane Doe ships her quilt across four states using one of the major carriers. Somewhere in transit the package suddenly falls off the map. Tracking shows it got half-way there and then nothing has happened for several days. Jane promptly contacts the carrier and has a trace placed on the shipment. The carrier calls in a few days and says the package has been determined to be lost or stolen.

Jane then begins the process of making a claim on the package. The carrier’s first question will be whether the package was insured. Jane breathes a sigh of relief because she had conscientiously placed an insurance value of $2,000 on the package. The carrier then asks Jane if she had an appraisal on the item. Jane responds that she did not. The carrier then tells her that they will only refund her the cost of the materials used to make the quilt. Her time, artistic ability, past quality of work, etc., are all inconsequential without the written appraisal.

This is why insurance may not be enough, and it is very important to have a certified appraiser do an appraisal of your quilt. What you will pay for an appraisal is a relatively small amount of money to protect your art.

For more information about appraisals, go to

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Next Quilting Generation Has Their Own Book!

Anita Shackelford and her daughter, Jennifer Perdue, have written a charming book called Teens N Tweens; Quilting Fun with Family and Friends.

The home dec, fashion accessories and quilt projects were designed mostly by Anita and Jen but were made by kids ages 4 (4!) to 17. Absolutely adorable, fresh and fun, these projects can be made by non-sewers with adult guidance as well as kids who know their way (a little bit) around a sewing machine.

The instructions are super-easy to follow, and most projects can easily be made in one or two days. How much fun to make a three-pocket pouch, a DVD carrier, a laptop cover, a ruched table skirt, a BFF pillow or a message board! And what about making a stylin' poncho, a wall hanging or even an appliqued or pieced bed quilt!

If you have kids or grandkids and want to share your love of sewing and quilting with them, this is THE book to have. Make one of these projects or take inspiration from their ideas and fly with your own! Ask for item #8026 at 1-800-626-5420 or order from our website: .

Monday, August 10, 2009

Send in the Clowns!

Clowns on Parade by Cathy Wiggins has just arrived-- what a bright, cheery book!

It's a natural for clown lovers and collectors, and the machine applique and embellishment instruction is great for quilters of any skill level.

In addition to a large, bed-size quilt, Cathy includes ways to put clowns on a generous tote bag and a clever growth chart. Want more clowns? Make either the small or the large floor pillows shaped like clowns doing handstands!

You might have seen this happy quilt hanging in a regional or national quilt show. Now you can have clowns parading through your own home! AQS item # 8028 on our web site,, or call 1-800-626-5420.