Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Than One Hat

Congratulations to AQS author Karen Combs on her just-announced fabric designing partnership with Avlyn, Inc. It's exciting and inspiring when creative people use their talents in multiple ways, as Karen has done for many years. Check out her wonderful vision and skills in her books at or 1-800-626-5420 in these titles:

Combing Through Your Scraps CD-ROM (7480)
Celtic Pieced Illusions (7014)
3 Quilters Celebrate the 4 Seasons (6408)
Floral Illusions for Quilters (6213)
Optical Illusions for Quilters (4831)

(Note: Combing Through Your Scraps (5759) is out of print but the CD listed above is available.)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Teacher of the Year Nominee

Congratulations to AQS author Margie Engel! She's been nominated for Professional Teacher's magazine's Teacher of the Year 2009 honors! Margie's 2008 book, Bodacious Applique a la Carte, is a colorful feast for the eye and full of great tips for using fusibles in applique. She's been teaching adults and kids for many years and is perennially popular in her home state of Florida (where she'd rather stay inside and sew than walk on the beach just outside her door). If her classes are half as informative as her book, this is a well-deserved nomination.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Want to Write a Quilt Book?

If you've been thinking about writing a quilt book (or your friends, family, the cat, etc., have been bugging you to do it), come to the "So You Think You Want to Write a Quilt Book?" lecture at the 2009 Paducah show. On Wednesday, April 22, from 9 to 10 am, the AQS Executive Book Editor will talk about what's involved generally, and answer specific questions. If you have an idea in mind to discuss and the lecture isn't the right place (or you're shy about bringing up your idea in public), you can make an appointment to talk to her privately during the show.

If you're the "always prepared" type, check out the book proposal guidelines on our web site ( and bring your completed proposal with you. She will take it back to the office and put it into the review cycle. Note: We're now asking for one or two completed projects to accompany proposals, so there might be a touch of show and tell at this lecture. Oh joy! Hope to see you there!