Monday, January 5, 2009

Want to Write a Quilt Book?

If you've been thinking about writing a quilt book (or your friends, family, the cat, etc., have been bugging you to do it), come to the "So You Think You Want to Write a Quilt Book?" lecture at the 2009 Paducah show. On Wednesday, April 22, from 9 to 10 am, the AQS Executive Book Editor will talk about what's involved generally, and answer specific questions. If you have an idea in mind to discuss and the lecture isn't the right place (or you're shy about bringing up your idea in public), you can make an appointment to talk to her privately during the show.

If you're the "always prepared" type, check out the book proposal guidelines on our web site ( and bring your completed proposal with you. She will take it back to the office and put it into the review cycle. Note: We're now asking for one or two completed projects to accompany proposals, so there might be a touch of show and tell at this lecture. Oh joy! Hope to see you there!

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