Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Smart Quilting in These Economic Times

If scrappy quilts are not your style, and if you like applique, and if you're trying to work out of your stash to save money, then Dilys Fronks' latest book is just the ticket.

In Dual Image Applique she describes how to get two images from one cut. You save time as well as money, and you end up with two blocks, quilts, or projects to show for your effort. For example, look at her book's cover: clever!

Besides having 10 fun projects from home dec to quilts, Dilys teaches terrific machine applique technique, so if you've been looking for instruction, this book will show you what you need to know.

The extensive gallery will inspire you to put her technique to work in any quilt project.

Dilys is known in her home of Wales as "Dilys the Quilt." She has taught internationally for years and will be teaching at the AQS Paducah show in 2011 (online registration will open in early December; her classes fill fast, so don't wait!). To maximize your quilt dollar and produce amazing quilts, order AQS #8240 online or by calling 1-800-626-5420.

Friday, November 5, 2010

You'll Flip for Flip Flop Block Quilts!

Sometimes the simplest design yields the most amazing results.

One inspired day, quilt landscape artist Kathie Alyce, proprietor of Waterfall Quilts and familiar face at merchant malls throughout quiltland, created The Flip Flop Block, a gently curved, tessellated acrylic template. At her first International Quilt Market, she sold out of her simple yet clever device, and voila -- a tool inventor and truly amazing quilting device were born!

No matter how you turn The Flip Flop Block, you get amazing designs. The pieces are so easy to sew, you don't need pins. Follow her directions to add or change the marking lines on her template, and presto! More design possibilities!

Now how smart is that -- take a basic template, add or change lines and develop an unlimited number of new designs? Simple, right? Amazing, also right!

Kathie's patterns have been popular for several years. In her first book she presents exciting, brand new designs, including the slickest Wedding Ring quilt ever. Fans of curves will love her book. Quilters who see themselves as too traditional to play with artistic concepts will appreciate how she gently guides them towards a more contemporary look without all the design angst.

Flip Flop Block Quilts is truly a great technique-plus-pattern-plus-project book, and it is one that will not only yield projects of Kathie's designs but will also set you on your way to a new approach to curves, tessellation and contemporary, more artistic design. Now that's value in a book! Call 1-800-626-5420 to order.