Friday, February 27, 2009

Have Something to Say?

Did you know you can write a review of any AQS book and post it on our web site ( It's true! Simply log on, go to that book's detail page, and click on "Write a Review." Reviews are a fun way to connect with other quilters and helpful when someone is looking for that certain book. Let your writer's muse escape and join the fun!

Monday, February 16, 2009

From Across the Atlantic

AQS is delighted to announce delivery of Quilt the Beloved Country by Jenny Williamson and Pat Parker. These South African sisters co-authored Quilt Africa in 2004, and we were privileged to be the North American distributor for that title, also.

Their quilting style is distinctive and their fabric and color choices are unusual to us Yanks, but their quilts are fun, fresh and deeply reflective of their home country. Wild Dog Press, their publisher, has produced a beautiful book with stunning photographs of the land and people that inspire the sisters' 13 pieced and appliqued original designs, including a few dolls.

If you like to travel vicariously, if you're interested in other cultures, and if appreciating new looks in quilting revs your creativity engine, Quilt the Beloved Country is a book you will enjoy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Things Come in Threes

We are pleased to announce the release of three new books from AQS Publishing:

Piecing with Pixels by Sandra Hart and Gudny Campbell; Hearts & Tulips by Margaret Docherty; and Fussy-cut Mariner's Compass by Ann S. Lainhart.

It's no secret that there is a happy marriage between photos and quilts, and between computers and quilts. Sandy and Gudny have combined their passion for all three and their years of experience teaching into an excellent reference book that includes nine great projects. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements software, they show how you can take a favorite photo and transform it into beautiful fabric to incorporate into a quilt. Piecing with Pixels is not printing photos on fabric; it's sophisticated design work simplified and explained. This is a must-have book for quilters on the cutting edge.

Margaret Docherty has added a third Applique Masterpiece series book to her body of work. Like Little Brown Bird and Birds 'n Roses, Hearts & Tulips is a pattern book for a single, exquisite quilt, or a resource for the 42 patterns for any elegant project calling for applique. As always, Margaret's directions are easy to follow and her fabric and color use is extraordinary and instructive. Applique fans, whether beginners or experienced, will love Hearts & Tulips.

If you've admired Mariner's Compass quilts and you love the elegant look of fussy-cutting fabrics to achieve stunning designs, Ann S. Lainhart has read your mind. Her straightforward method for drafting your own Mariner's Compass blocks will put you at ease creating super sharp points. Use her 12-inch, 18-inch or 30-inch instructions or templates to create wallhangings, framed "pictures," or quilts. Ann's tips for choosing the right fabrics for fussy-cutting and calculating yardage will work equally well in any project. Fussy-cut Mariner's Compass is a marvelous book for beginners wanting to spread their wings and experienced quilters alike.

All three of these books are now available at or 1-800-626-5420.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An AQS First! Fiction!

Heart for a Hero has just come in and we're excited to welcome our first venture into fiction! Authors Ed Ditto and Laura D. Patrick collaborated as only cousins can about the deeply personal topic of post-partum depression. Set in Chattanooga and with a "lost" and then "found" quilt as a prominent character, this book explores what heroes go through in a war zone like Korea and on other fronts. If you're part of the quilting community you will recognize the care and support from quilters woven throughout the authors' first published novel. We hope you enjoy this very different book from AQS and will let us know what you think!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice Storm Update

It's being called the Winter Storm of 2009, but for old timers in Western Kentucky, that's an understatement about last week's devastating ice storm.

Like most businesses in the Paducah area, AQS was without power, phone and cable most of the week of January 27. Today is Groundhog Day (P. Phil saw his shadow) and we're back in the business of publishing the best quilt books around.

If you've tried to reach us, please try again! We're always happy to hear from you.