Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An AQS First! Fiction!

Heart for a Hero has just come in and we're excited to welcome our first venture into fiction! Authors Ed Ditto and Laura D. Patrick collaborated as only cousins can about the deeply personal topic of post-partum depression. Set in Chattanooga and with a "lost" and then "found" quilt as a prominent character, this book explores what heroes go through in a war zone like Korea and on other fronts. If you're part of the quilting community you will recognize the care and support from quilters woven throughout the authors' first published novel. We hope you enjoy this very different book from AQS and will let us know what you think!

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AQSpublishing said...

This review came to AQS by email:

> I started reading your book Sunday night after getting back from retreat.
> I
> stayed up until 12:30 last night and just finished it. I could not put it
> down. As a quilter, military wife, mother and geek, your book spoke to me
> on many levels. Great job, great book!


We agree! This is a great read. See for yourself!