Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Market 2009

Spring Market 2009 is history. It was the usual colorful, lively, interesting mix of companies, businesses and individuals in the quilt industry. While attendance seemed down, most vendors said they had a good show, which is welcome news for anyone interested in quilting. AQS is certainly pleased with the number of book ideas that came our way. The citizens of Pittsburgh were super friendly, and we could see the Pirates play from the hotel!

We were delighted to have three authors teach during Schoolhouse: Karen Gibbs, whose Bits of Bargello was so hot off the press, she saw it for the first time when her session began!; Terry White, who demonstrated three of the techniques from All Beaded Up by Machine; and Alice Wilhoit, whose Crazy Patchwork projects had the audience oohing and aahing like - well, like crazy! You can learn more about these three new titles on our website's "Buy Books" page and order them by calling 800-626-5420.

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