Thursday, April 16, 2009

Collectible Books

The annual AQS Catalogue of Show Quilts is here! Whether you attend the 2009 25th anniversary show in Paducah or not, this highly collectible book showcases all of this year's entires in a beautifully formatted presentation. The quilts are shown by contest category with the entry number, quilt title, quilt size, maker's name and maker's location. True keepsakes, these books document the trend in today's quilting world. AQS item #7931.

Another gem of a book is Collection of The National Quilt Museum. Dedicated to the founders of the American Quilter's Society, Bill and Meredith Schroeder, it summarizes the history of the quilt collection that is the nucleus of the museum. Each quilt is shown with a statement from the artist or a summation of their work, to give the reader insight into how these beautiful works of art came to be. Although some of the museum's collection quilts are always on display and rotated, this book is the definitive catalogue and a real photo essay on how quilting has evolved since the early 1980s. A limited print run makes this a book to buy quickly and keep for posterity. AQS item #7933.

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