Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Watch Out! Vivacious Curves Ahead!

Known for her fun sense of color and play with quilts, Dianne S. Hire has come through with another wonderful book. Vivacious Curvy Quilts takes all the fear out of curved piecing and loads your design kit with numerous "curvies," curved shapes that are delightful and full of potential.

A popular teacher, Dianne shows off the work of many of her students; the book is full of bright, cheery photographs that leave no doubt about her technique's versatility.

Instructions for 11 variations are included but this book is truly a springboard to individual creativity more than a "make-this-project-this-way" book. Dianne's spirit shines through on every page, so it is definitely a fun read. AQS # 8241. www.americanquilter.com.

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Munaiba said...

Gosh those curved pieces look really interesting.