Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quilts Your Grandkids Can Snuggle In!

Those Crafty Ol' Broads have done it again. Sisters Linda K. Johnson and Jane K. Wells have written another book packed with over-the-top, fun-to-make, colorful quilts -- Cuddly Snuggly Quilts. (Their first was Beyond the Block, 2009, AQS# 7611.)

This time, they created the projects in the book for their grandchildren. Each quilt was made to match that child's personality, interests, or a milestone.

These quilts are made for snuggling, which means being used, which means not too much effort has to go into making them. As a result, these are dynamite patterns for charity.

And because Linda and Jane are doting aunts as well as loving grannies, each project is shown in a different colorway. You'll get tons of ideas from these 17 quilts and their alternates. If you love making quilts for lots of people, this is the book for you -- AQS# 8239.


corinne said...

One: I like the title. Two: I am really interested in these book. I have grand children as well as great neices and nephews.

AQSpublishing said...

Thanks, Corinne. This is a wonderful book for quilters who love to make quilts for their family members. Enjoy!