Monday, August 2, 2010

Who Are Those Guys?

Remember this line from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

That's what I was wondering several years ago when men quilters began appearing in quilting magazines. I wanted to read a book about men who quilt, and then I became executive book editor at AQS. I suggested we do a volume on these artists, and not long afterwards, I ran into Joe Cunningham. He'd been thinking along the same lines. The result is his forthcoming book, Men and the Art of Quiltmaking (due this Fall), in which he interviews and shows a sampling of the work of 29 men who quilt. And his own.

Joe will be teaching at our Des Moines show this October 6 - 9 and will curate an exhibit of quilts from his book. It really is something to read what these guys are thinking. One minute, they sound like aliens. The next minute, they sound like every quilter you've ever known.

Artists in the book are Bob Adams, Phil Beaver, Don Beld, Jack Brockette, Richard Caro, Joe Cunningham, Andre Emmell, John Flynn, Scott Hansen, Luke Haynes, Raymond K. Houston, Michael James, Michael Kashey, Alan Kelchner,  Richard Larson, Din Linn, Mark Lipinski, Mike McNamara, Jim Mikula, M Mueller, Scott Murkin, Shawn Quinlan, Gerald Roy, Jonathan Shannon, George Siciliano, David Taylor, Ricky Tims, Holice Turnbow, David Walker and Erick Wolfmeyer.

Seeing is believing, so make plans to come to Des Moines to answer the question: Who are those  guys?

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