Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Very Three Dimensional

Remember the warning not to "fold, spindle or mutilate?" Well, maybe spindling and mutilating are still bad ideas, but folding is definitely in!

Co-authors Geesje Baron and Esther Vermeer have written a great book on making folded blocks that will take every project into the third dimension. There are 70 blocks to choose from to make 12 unusual projects, and the best thing is that any block can be adapted to any project. Learn the basic folds and go to town creating your own folded blocks.

There's a handy visual block reference so you can go straight to the blocks that interest you and mix and match at will. Plus, each block is rated for ease, so you can start where you're most comfortable.

Enjoy taking your piecing into another world with 3D Folded Blocks. AQS #8158 (1-800-626-5420)

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